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We provide independent, unbiased advice to private and corporate clients and are familiar with local planning procedures and building practices:

We carry out building surveys for residential properties.

Our knowledge and experience of the local market and building practices help us to identify potential problems and issues associated with properties in Portugal.

The standard Pre-purchase General Condition Survey consists of a visual inspection of the readily accessible parts of the building and some simple tests of the Technical Installations. The report includes the following, together with commentary on aspects that may be unfamiliar to overseas buyers:

  • Structural condition, including outbuildings, swimming pool, boundary walls

  • Non-structural elements, including water ingress, dilapidations

  • A detailed description of accommodation

  • Construction methodology (methods employed, quality of materials used)

  • Insurance reinstatement valuation

  • Services assessment including connection to electricity, mains water, irrigation, and heating. A separate drain survey with a CCTV camera is available by request.

  • Commentary on other issues evident from the visual inspection of readily accessible areas and recommendation on further investigations into areas of concern

  • Identification of non-conformities relating to planning issues

  • Approximate costs of significant repair for more serious defects. 


Equipment used

  • Thermal Imaging Camera FLIR EB40

  • FLIR MR77

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